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Anadolu Weaving (ADOK) started production in 2010 with a car fabric production capacity of 1 million meters a year, and provided solutions to customer demands using its own production capacity. Its production and marketing activities mostly focused on the automobile industry, Adok also produces fabric for office and home furniture and stroller sectors on a contractual basis.
Focused on the markets for automotive upholstery and car seat cover fabrics, Adok Group aimed to set up Domier brand jacquard looms to independently expand its portfolio with 35 years of history in Turkish car fabric sector. Although the automotive upholstery fabric sector in Turkey is limited, the fact that Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, and partially Volkswagen brand vehicles are being produced in Turkey to be sold in European markets finally prompted Diriliş Automotive to action, and as a result, Adok Weaving factory was set up.
We employ some of the most experienced personnel in the sector who served as designers and technicians for many years in the automotive industry. To make sure our products are of the highest quality, we use the same threads used by the Italian Sinterema and polytex, who supply upholstery fabric to European car-makers. We are proud of what we have achieved within one year of our entry to the market.
We produce home textile products (upholstery, drapery and bedclothes) on a project basis,
office chair and armchair fabrics on a contractual basis for major office furniture companies.

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