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Founded in 1927, Borel Swiss is the leading manufacturer of electric furnaces, kilns and ovens for the metal, heat processing, heat treating, metal melting, ceramics, glass, porcelain, pottery markets. Borel propose a whole range of standard furnaces, accessories & spare parts. If you need a furnace specially tailormade to your needs, Borel will be pleased to help you. Our experience showed us that it’s much more economic to modify an existing standard furnace rather than building a special furnace. All the Borel furnaces are made in Switzerland or in Europe by our subcontractors with whom we have a partnership. All the Borel furnaces are subjected to a quality control and functioning tests in our workshops in Switzerland before shipment. All the Borel furnaces are EC certified and some of them can be subjected to special certifications, type AMS, on request. Borel Swiss is certified ISO 9001. Borel export products all over the world directly from Switzerland.

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