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LLC DNEPROSTEKLOSERVIS is one of the Biggest Manufacturer of the Sodium liquid glass and the Sodium silicate. We are ready to offer you the Sodium silicate, module 2, 0 – 3, 5 and the Sodium liquid glass made by the State Standard 13078 -81, module 1.6 – 3.5, density 1.3 – 1.6. The products, made in our company are characterized by the high quality and the strictly controlled technological process. Usage of a sodium liquid glass is mainly due to its binding properties. Sodium liquid glass is used in the following areas: manufacture of molding sand in casting production; as a component of heat-resistant and acid-resistant concrete; as a soil strengthening agent; manufacture of building materials (mastics, putties, primers, etc.); mining and processing industry; chemical industry; pulp and paper industry. Due to the high concentration of the sodium oxide, liquid sodium glass is widely used in the production of detergents and means of chemical cleaning.

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