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Insulator Company is the international supplier of high-voltage glass insulators – U40BS, U40BP, U70BS, U120BS, U120BP, U160BS, U160BP, U210BS, U210BP as well as fittings and components for power transmission lines.The grade of high voltage transmission line ranges from 10 to 750KV. Their specifications range from 40 to 400KN.There are AC type, DC type, standard type and antipollution type.The production is in according to international IEC standard. Our insulators have the following advantages: fatigue-resistant property, lightening resistant property, operating without breakdown, no hidden defects, visual identification of the degree of damage. Our workers are experts in insulator production with long experience in this industry and are known on the international level.Our prices are significantly lower. Tens of millions of insulators, manufactured and delivered with the participation of our specialists are used in power systems for more than 50 countries worldwide.Kind regards !

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