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In the space of a few years, MCM Emballages has become a key reference for the supply and use of food preservation equipment at different levels: for home use, semi-industrial or small-scale use, or for professional catering. Distributor for a large number of European glassmakers of glass containers for food preservation, gastronomic presentation, table art, with quality glasses with pleasant and modern design. Brands: SAN MIGUEL, VETROELITE, Vetreria Etrusca and WECK®. MCM Emballages is the leading European distributor of Weck® jars and Weck® accessories, such as tubs and also clips, seals, lids, funnels and clamps. MCM Emballages is implementing Weck clip jars in Italy, as well as in Croatia, Slovenia and Spain. Free quotation in under 48 hours. Call or email to request documentation.

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