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PEGUET SA specialises in the manufacture of quick links and can offer a solution for every safety connection need, French products for two generations: PÉGUET self-certification Safe Working Load (SWL) with a safety factor of 5. Our links are used in goods handling, fastening and securing in industry, agriculture, DIY superstore, aeronautics, automobile and many other sectors. Our new range of Quick Links for personal protection equipment, PPE, is EN 362, EN 12275, UIA certified. We offer a very large range of shapes, dimensions and materials for numerous applications. Permanent quality controls ensure the high quality of our zinc-plated, stainless steel, zicral (aluminium) and brass Quick Links. Our Quick Links are prized for their safety and are used in industry, light railways, fixings, architecture, events, marine, parachute, hang-gliding and microlights, and commercial fisheries.

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