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French manufacturer of items in metal wire from the prototype to mass production of Ø0.2 to 18mm. We manufacture to client specifications in 2 or 3 dimensions, complex wire parts including threading, chamfering, internal threading, flattening, rivet heading, bevelling, etc.Our applications are varied: clip, cotter pins, hooks, pins, axles, handles, rod and wire shapes made-to-meausre. We work for different industrial sectors: domestic applicances, automobile, construction. Our stock of machinery enables us to manufacture assembled parts in different shapes and sizes: items made from metal wire, welded wire parts, threaded metal parts. Compression springs, traction springs, torsion springs, flat springs at attractive prices. Bending of steel wire, stainless steel and galvanised. The company is able to meet all your wire processing requirements from its two production sites situated in the north of France and the Paris region.

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