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Address: Stroiteley str. 1b 457040 Yuznouralsk


Website: http://glass-insulators.umek...

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UMEK (Yuznouralsk, Russia) is modern growing manufacture of glass insulators. We are using hi-tech modern equipment from “Lindner” enabling full automation of production processes and computer control on them. ISO 9001 provided.With advanced testing facilities available at the plant; we can ensure highest quality of our goods for reasonable prices. Umek Group (Yuznouralsk) is exclusive trading representative of UMEK.We belong to FORENERGO Group which is also coordinating activities of: MZVA (manufacture of linear fittings); INSTA and Energotransizolyator (producers of polymeric insulators); Volscom (line fittings for fiber optic); SPE MES (manufacture of the assembly tools). Companies of Group can offer many advanced developments to power industry: broadband vibration dampers with an increased efficiency comparing to other designs; isolating traverses for compact suspension lines for 10-220kV; fittings for high-temperature wires; polymeric insulators of an increased reliability.

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