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HERMETIC ENCAPSULATION PRODCUTS. VAC-TRON is a family owned business located 25 Kms to the north of Barcelona.The VAC-TRON facility is very conveniently located within an Industrial area with excellent proximity to both the Barcelona and Gerona airports.VAC-TRON is entirely focused on the design, development and manufacture of all types of Hermetic GLASS-to-METAL Sealed components.The VAC-TRON founder, Dr. A. Comadira, was one of the very first Engineers who pioneered and specialised in this GLASS-to-METAL Technology.VAC-TRON was established in 1985 and since that time have developed components / solutions with numerous Customers across Europe.VAC-TRON has a small but excellently trained and flexible Team who specialise in small to medium volumes (1 up to 1 Million) on the other hand their capability and capacity is in place to produce 30 Million pieces of one particular product.We know you will not be disappointed by working together with us.Therefore we look forward to your enquiry.

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